Sometimes Silver Linings are Blue

Play with fire you’ll feel the burn
Touching, fixating, smitten with no concern
Leaving scars that won’t perfectly heal
Addicted to the aggressive euphoria you feel

838328 Melting, biting, frenzied feeling alive
Heavenly singe of ecstasy, but will you survive
Craving, begging, breathless to capture the flame
Experiencing the consequences of this lustful game

image Slowly moving towards the exhilaration of the burn
Whether it is love, sex or fucking waiting for your turn


Carisa Adrienne

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Posted in Sex

23 thoughts on “Flashpoint

  1. I love you so much! I think we could create a bonfire if we combined all the people we would throw in for the last gif ❤
    We could light New York for 1 year straight! hehe .. How are you doing! I started an email for you a couple of days ago but got side tracked. My ADD is killing me but I forget to take my meds…hehe ❤ True story though! 😉

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