A buzzing fever




A buzzing fever


Weekend fever

The buzz of traffic

No green light

Glaring lights zigzagging

With the curves of the road

Home alone

Chomping at the bits

Living a boring life

In a boring town

With boring friends

Looking at the hand

A loyal friend


Inflated marshmallow eyed goldfish

In a bowl

Too small

No growing space

Mental note

Send him packing

A clock perusal

Tick – Tock

Shower time

Fussing with the hair

No need for deodorant

I don’t stink

Final look


Jeans or casual

Doesn’t matter

Only one thing on the brain

Racing in my thoughts

A little tweak down below

Hand tempting

Later If I don’t score

Out the door

Melding with the glaring lights

Blood racing

There is my score

All the right moves

Saying all the right things


I just won a night in bed

Hands in every direction

Shirt buttons undone

Lights out

I said lights out

Use your imagination.

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