The Perfect Time ~ A Duet

Sitting on the edge of the bed Stand before me – I’m Waiting to be fed Run your succulent tip across my lips Craving every inch grinding my hips Appetite fierce needing an ample taste Licking up and down – … Continue reading

Fits (NSFW 18+)

My sexy lingerie flows as I sway Waiting for my bad boy to come out and play Strong hands running down my spine Kissing my neck is heavenly divine Pulling me up on his intoxicating cock Skin on skin as … Continue reading

A buzzing fever




A buzzing fever


Weekend fever

The buzz of traffic

No green light

Glaring lights zigzagging

With the curves of the road

Home alone

Chomping at the bits

Living a boring life

In a boring town

With boring friends

Looking at the hand

A loyal friend


Inflated marshmallow eyed goldfish

In a bowl

Too small

No growing space

Mental note

Send him packing

A clock perusal

Tick – Tock

Shower time

Fussing with the hair

No need for deodorant

I don’t stink

Final look


Jeans or casual

Doesn’t matter

Only one thing on the brain

Racing in my thoughts

A little tweak down below

Hand tempting

Later If I don’t score

Out the door

Melding with the glaring lights

Blood racing

There is my score

All the right moves

Saying all the right things


I just won a night in bed

Hands in every direction

Shirt buttons undone

Lights out

I said lights out

Use your imagination.







I ran my hand through his thick fur,

Working each nipple,

From the sweat,

From my mouth,

Which matted his dark hair in swirls.

From his nipples-

I began my voyage,

From a dark trail,

Where I felt him throbbing,

In his sacred place.

My tongue flickered,

On his sensitive place.

I took him in the deep of my throat.

I gagged with pleasure.

Finally the shots of white dribbled,

Warmly down for recycling.







Dreamstroke ~ a duet ~ nsfw

A collaboration between Ax at Perso~in~Poesia and I. Ax is a writer I’ve admired since day one. He is a genius with his writing ability. It was an erotic ride writing with him. He made me feel comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed collaborating with so much! He made me laugh more than I thought I could! Glad we were able to get our groove on 😉 ❤

Thoughts...exploding in my head


Closes his eyes to capture a moment
Her fingertips whisper “I need you”
His world outside is forgotten
Every inch shamelessly tending to

Gentle rub to get things going
Lips relinquishing a merciless desire
Blood heated and flowing
Smoldering flesh ignite a blazing fire

Imagine her hands slide over his chest
Groaning kisses hungry to savor
Pinching a nipple that ignites his head
Consuming your heavenly flavor

Leaning back stretching his body
Starting with a lick and erotic swirl
The swell of his cock needs to get naughty
Nothing but red stilettos on – I’m your girl

A reflection he sees in a mirror
Hands caressing your thick moaning shaft
To imagine her standing behind him
Making you swell with my intoxicating craft

The intensity soars with wings spread wide
Lustful eyes stimulated with increased motion
The feeling of bliss, alone on a ride
Filthy words erupt declaring my devotion

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Learning My Name…. Goddess (NSFW 18+)

Jaded from snakes crawling up my thigh My heart denying those passing by From venomous tongues ready to bite Struggling to control my insatiable appetite Tempted by desires who want a taste Feeling deprived -Tired of being chaste My feathers … Continue reading